Attention! The Tour from Cyprus has been moved to Montenegro. All details are in video below.

Cyprus' 2020. Island of love

International Women's Tour-retreat

October, 7-12

Global spirit school

For those, who want to become a leader

October, 13-15




    Dear women, the most gentle and beautiful creatures of our planet!

    The spirits are waiting for you!

    Are you tired of stress and anxiety, insecurity, emptiness? Are you in a relationship that leads you nowhere? It's time to start living your dream!

    Cyprus has long been called the Island of Love. The ancient Gods loved and experienced the bliss of high passions here.

    It has also long been considered the home or second home of numerous ancient Olympian Gods: Zeus, Dionysus, Apollo, Hera, Athena, Artemis and Demeter, Aphrodite.

    One very ancient legend has it that the Creator finished his creation of the world and then shook the remaining lumps of clay from his hands and they fell into the sea leading to the formation of Cyprus.

    It is here remained the wreckage of ancient Temples, which still have strong connection with Planets and constellations. And very few people know about it.


    The strongest guides of Power invite women to unite and perform the ritual, performed once in 1000 years, in October of 2020. This ritual will reverse the course on our entire planet and stop the suffering of Mankind.
    It is at this important time the main planets of the Galaxy will direct their power to this island. The rays of this power will create a symbol of cosmic luck in the aura of a man. The people, who will be performing the ritual on this island, will receive the Blessing of the Gods of the planets for the whole lineage for 12 years ahead. It means that you and your lineage will be under protection of the planets for 12 years. And it means you will have good health, love, money, predestination, protection, profits, good luck, etc.

    DO NOT miss this important event.
    Tell the women you care of about it!
    Turn on the sign of cosmic luck in your aura!

    To make the ritual as effective as possible, you will need Objects of power!

    These are artifacts that protect against negative energy, envy, poverty, disease, conflict, quarrels, and accidents. They help in love and affairs, give a powerful energetical protection to your family and your home.

    To select the right Object of Power just for you, let our tutors carry out diagnostics. This can be done right during the retreat or in your own country if you are lucky to visit our coach’s seminar in your city.


    ❖MERCURY. CHARMING POWER OF VOICE This ritual gives you success in communicating with people, you will find a way to any person, you can easily build a conversation with anyone. Find a language with your family and friends, your children, your partner. With colleagues at work, your boss. Protector of the planet Mercury Deity Budkha will help the participant to free himself from clamps and complications in creative expression. Will help to reveal the Divine individuality.

    ❖ VENERA. AWAKENING OF MAGIC POWER IN WOMB After this ritual inside you will awaken the power of female magic from your best incarnation. With it, you will become the mistress of your life. With your presence you will become an example for your children, your partner and others will respect and appreciate you, and conflicts in the family will be solved. You will be loved by everyone around you and poured with compliments. Protector of the planet Venus Deity Shukra will help you get rid of difficulties on the way of spiritual perfection, will help you with your life predestination.

    ❖ SATURN. CLEARANCE OF KARMIC DEBTS OF THE LINEAGE A sign was given, that for those women who will gain the power of Saturn, receiving its patronage, all roads that were closed before will be opened, all opportunities, all plans and endeavors will work out. You will become a timekeeper. Protector of the planet Saturn Deity Shani will help you get rid of the crown of oblivion, as well as help to strengthen concentration and memory.

    ❖ THE SUN. ASCENSION TO THE GENUS OF SAINT EGGREGORUS Since ancient times, women have undergone this ritual with the help of which they gained the strength of luck for 100 generations forward. Solar magnet will begin to attract good people and situations in your life and the lives of your loved ones. The patron of the planet Sun Deity Surya will open to you the way to abundance and wealth. It will open to you the source of spiritual perfection

    ❖ JUPITER. THE DISCOVERY OF THE HUGE GOLDEN STREAM OF MONEY. The sans-contact with the planet Jupiter, which gives you prosperity, is established in this ritual. Protector of the planet Jupiter Deity Brikhmaspati will open in you the source of energy for managing situations and unprecedented luck, good luck and wealth. Be ready to expand your possibilities!

    1st exclusive ritual:
    “The Fire Sword of Zeus”

    2nd exclusive ritual:
    “Celestial wedding with Planet Pluto”

    3rd exclusive ritual:
    “The Crystal of prediction. The planet Saturn”

    Each participant of the TOUR OF POWER will receive a gift

    Our shaman journey is a prayer for every living being, for life without wars and diseases, for human happiness, for our children and beloved ones. We will be praying for the salvation of all the creatures on our planet as Gods used to do. We will be dissolving into the divine power of love. And the more the magic power we awaken inside ourselves the bigger the changes will happen to our families and to our inner world!

    We will set out on a wonderful and adventurous journey to a sacred enigmatic wildlife place.

    In this shaman journey you will be accompanied and taught by the most powerful shamans, healers and clairvoyants – PEOPLE OF POWER renown in many counties. By just being beside them you change your destiny and the destiny of your lineage. They’ve healed thousand hundreds of people on the territory of the Americas, Europe, Greece, Brazil, the Netherlands, Egypt, Russia and others.


      Tour Package 1.

      • The seminar program
      • Accommodation
      • Transfers
      • Object of power (1st level)

      Tour Package 2.

      • The seminar program
      • Accommodation
      • Transfers
      • 5 group rituals
      • Object of power (1st level)

      VIP Tour Package 3.

      • The seminar program
      • Accommodation
      • Transfers
      • 5 group rituals
      • VIP ritual
      • VIP object
      • Individual assistance

      Bonuses and discounts:
      Prepayment 500 euro and receive the GIFT (Ritual for Abundance "The blessing of Jupiter")
      Special Offer: Invite a friend and get 150 euro BONUS OR GIFT!

      Registration is open until September, 20th 2020

      For more details and to register:
      Whatsapp: +90 542 888 8301
      (Linda administrator)

      This is how our retreats and seminars are:

      To prepare for the TOUR OF POWER, we recommend undergoing individual practices with our tutors.